• Nora Sun

Tags: Notre Dame

Institution: Notre Dame

Study: Major in neuroscience and psychology

High School Experience

My high school experience was overall very positive! I was very much involved in dance so if there was anything I didn’t like, it was having to miss out on so much for that. But I know that’s just the price you pay sometimes to do something you enjoy! My school was competitive for the top 100 or so students, where most people took around 10 AP classes, but I enjoyed that it wasn’t always just a competition. My school was very spirited and well rounded so overall I had lots of fun.


I am honestly interested in almost everything, (besides maybe economics) but I always did best in science and social studies. I took 11 AP classes and of the exams I have the scores back from, I’ve passed all with a 4 or 5.


4.25 weighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 34


  • Competitive dancer at studio (1st-11th grade)

  • 4 year varsity member of high school comp. winter dance team, senior captain

  • 4 year member of fall dance team (non-competitive, pretty much pom squad), senior captain

  • National Honors Society

  • Student government, Senior Class Officer

  • Volunteering as youth church group leader, 120+ hours

  • Volunteer at a children’s hospital in my area, 80+ hours over summer


To be honest, I have been quite introverted in class throughout high school and had a hard time deciding who to write my second letter. My primary letter was easy for me to ask for as it was my favorite teacher, and he had known me for 3 years and definitely knew my strengths but also how to show my personality well in the letter. I got the chance to read it eventually, and I think it benefitted me to have a teacher write it who knew my strengths beyond the classroom!


My common app essay kind of went with my interest in the fine arts as well as my goals in the future to pursue a career in the medical field to have a chance to improve the lives of others every day. I only slightly wove this subject of my future career into my essays, but I think the strength in my essay was that I connected my personality to show my aptitude for that future path. (It was about how the way someone goes through an art museum shows their personality and then related the way I do to how I see the world, and how my passion for art would translate to a career in medicine.)


Personally I think what made me a strong applicant was that I had clear goals and interests, and it was easy to see that when I am passionate about something I invest everything into that. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t strive to be well-rounded, because I think I had a good balance between being well rounded but also having a few specific interests that would become the theme of my whole application and encompass who I am as a student and person. For me, this was your fusion between the arts and science.



I don’t think I had any hooks, besides possibly that I am Filipino. I did not count as a legacy because none of my direct family members have attended my future school, but my distant aunt was the first female Filipino to graduate from the school I am attending!


I chose this university because I am inspired by not only their strong academics and research, but also their school spirit and strong tradition. The athletics at Notre Dame are amazing and the campus is the most beautiful I have ever visited. They do a lot of good around the world and are committed to serving the community and I am excited to continue to grow in my faith at a Catholic University. It is one of the first schools I ever set my sights on as a dream school and I am so thankful to have the chance to attend! It takes some work throughout high school, but now I see it is ALL worth it.


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