• Nora Sun

Tags: UC Berkeley

Institution: University of Califronia Berkeley

Study: Major in public health

High School Experience

I liked that my high school was very diverse with some very supportive and uplifting staff members. However I didn’t like the attitude some of our admin/ staff held towards students. Because of them things were often very stressful and difficult.

Course choices


I took AP courses but didn’t do very well on the tests.


3.75 unweighted

Standardized Testing


I was involved in Latino student union and was secretary one year. I volunteered and TA in the wellness clinic at my school. I also tutored English learners. With the wellness clinic I was trained in conflict resolution and restorative justice so I also provided those services to students weekly.


My relationship with the teachers who wrote my letters of recommendation were amazing. They were people I genuinely looked up to and talked to almost every day.


I wrote about the challenges I faced, how I overcame them and how I helped others in my community experiencing similar challenges.


I think all my extracurriculars and what they were made me a strong candidate.


I would tell others that if they ever experience difficulties at home and they are reflected in grades the most important thing is how you come back and what you do afterwards. Show resilience and do things you want to do. Not what everyone else is doing, be unique and find a passion.




I chose Berkeley because it was my dream school because of all its opportunities and resources in general but also to Latinx people. As well as it’s in the Bay Area (which I love) and near my family.


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