• Nora Sun

Tags: UC Berkeley

Institution: University of California Berkeley

Study: Major in bioengineering

High School Experience

I think it was an overall positive experience. I learned a lot about myself and what I want to do in the future.

Course choices

STEM with special emphasis on Biology. I took all the advanced STEM classes at my high school besides AP Environmental Science.


AP Biology (5), AP Chemistry (pending), AP European History (5), AP US History (5), AP Music Theory (4), AP English Language and Composition (5), AP English Literature and Composition (pending), AP Calculus BC (5), AP Statistics (5), AP Psychology (pending), AP Computer Science (5), AP US Gov (pending), AP Physics C: Mechanics (5), AP Physics C: E&M (5).


4.76 weighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1580 (790 EWR/790M)

ACT: 21 Essay (7R,7A,7W)

SAT Subject Tests: 800 Molecular Biology, 800 Physics


Independent Biology Research (3) Internship doing data analysis at a university (1) Internship doing wet-lab work at a startup (1) Swimming (4+) Boy Scouts (Senior Patrol Leader and other leadership positions) (4+) Volunteering at the lab I work at (3) Technical biological consulting (1)


I think I had very positive relationships with the people who wrote my letters of recommendation. I asked my AP Biology teacher and my AP English Lang teacher.


General narrative was how important biology is to my life and who I have become.


Strong stats and good ECs, LoRs, and good essays. No major awards or national caliber achievements.


Try many areas and find one that really interests you. Once you find that, the rest will come “easy”. Doing something you are passionate about will make all the long days, obstacles, and other challenges easier to deal with.


LGBT but I’m not sure if this has any effect; Rare bi-racial background, but not URM so I don’t think this had an effect either.


I had a tough time deciding between Berkeley and UCSD. Both schools are about equal for my major and UCSD is a bit less competitive and gave me slightly better research options. However, I chose Cal due to it having a stronger focus on entrepreneurship.


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