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Institution: Stanford University

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High School Experience

High school was pretty mediocre for me. I genuinely found school very very boring, and I feel like a lot of the stuff I “learned” was not really worth learning. I say “learned” because I’ve probably forgotten literally everything I was taught. The best parts of high school were definitely finding extracurriculars that I enjoyed and being with good friends.

Course choices

I was interested in engineering and science courses. However, because I had to catch up in order to graduate I did not have a lot of space in my schedule. Fortunately, I was able to take a lot of mathematics and science courses, specifically physics.


To be honest, for most of high school I never really chose a class because I found it particularly interesting. I just took the next class that I was supposed to take, and while i always found bits and pieces of classes interesting, I mostly disliked all my classes. Then, my senior year I ended up taking a CS class and a philosophy class at a local college because I wanted to, and they both turned out to be my favorite courses I had taken in high school. I took AP Gov, US history, Calc BC, chem, Physics C (mechanics), Lang, Lit, Stats, psych, and Bio. I took psych, lit, and stats my senior year, but I didn’t take any of the tests this year because Stanford doesn’t accept their credit anyways. I got a 5 on all the tests except for a 3 on the Calc Bc test (with a 4 sub score) and a 4 on the chem test. So I took 10 AP classes.


5.0 weighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 35

SAT: 1520

SAT Math 2: 800

SAT Ecological Biology: 680



The teacher that I got to write my recommendation letter was a teacher that I was always really comfortable being really honest with. I would complain about school to her and I would tell her whatever I found interesting. The second teacher I got to write my recommendation letter honestly did not know me that well.


The narrative theme to my essay was probably my curiosity about the world and my excitement about learning different ways of viewing the world.


I think my essays and my academics were probably the strongest part of my application.


Focus a lot on developing yourself and doing things that you find interesting. Getting into your dream college should be a byproduct of you growing, not of you trying to get into your dream college.




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