• Nora Sun

Tags: UNC_CH

Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Study: undecided

High School Experience

I really enjoyed the friendships I made and most of my classes, as well as social and sporting events. I loved prom. I didn’t like pep rallies or some of the mandatory club events we had to do. I was at a uniform school and wasn’t a huge fan of uniforms either.

Course choices

I was really interested in sciences and english, so I took AP English courses and quite a few varied science courses.


I took APWH, APES, AP Bio, AP Lang, AP Seminar, AP Research, AP Gov, AP Stats, and AP Lit. I passed all my exams.


3.8 unweighted, 4,3 weighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 33

SAT: 1390


I played tennis and participated in a few different clubs, particularly Beta Club (Secretary senior year), Excel, and Junior Ambassadors.


I was close to the teacher who wrote most of my letters, he was my AP Lang teacher and I volunteered as his TA senior year. He gave me a lot of advice on college. I also talked often with my school college counselor, who wrote other letters for me.


My main essay was about overcoming; related to personal struggles in my life and how they shaped me.


I think I was well rounded, with athletics, a strong GPA, class schedule, and test scores, as well as demonstrated leadership and involvement.


Don't spread yourself too thin, but devote yourself to a few activities which you are truly passionate about. Push yourself hard to achieve without burning out. Be proud of yourself.




It was my first choice, I personally grew up hearing about how strong of a university it was and when I visited multiple times, I enjoyed the campus and got a clear sense of community from it. When they started a program three years ago with my intended major, I was sold.


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