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Institution: Brown University

Study: Major in biochemistry and molecular biology

High School Experience

In high school I was involved in the IB program, which had about 60 other students in it. I went to a really diverse school so there were always clubs that encouraged people to embrace their own culture and the culture of others. I was also involved with multiple sports teams throughout my four years and that’s where I made the majority of my friends, as my school is well known in the borough for sports. I liked my ability to choose a lot of my classes like electives, sciences and maths. I also really liked the school spirit involved with my school’s reputation in sports. My least favorite thing was probably how far apart the IB program seemed from the rest of the programs in the school.

Course choices

I was always interested in Science and how the world worked. Not so much math, but I was always decent at it so I was put in more advanced classes. My love of science encouraged me to take AP Environmental for my last year in school, as I had the option to choose between that and engineering for my senior science credit.


By Junior and Senior year, all my classes were either AP or IB. My AP classes include AP Euro (3), AP English (4), AP Calc AB (tba), and AP Environmental Science (tba). My IB classes include English A HL (tba), French A SL (tba), History (tba), Dance (tba), Math SL (4) and Physics SL (4).


102.7 weighted

Standardized Testing

SAT superscore: 1410; 720 reading, 690 math.

ACT: 29


I was involved in a lot of things, mainly active pastimes. I cheered on the varsity cheer team for my high school for 4 years, I played lacrosse for 3 years, played golf for 2 years, created choreography for my school’s dance company, attended signing/piano lessons, joined the astronomy club, and I have been dancing for 15 years. I was the varsity cheer captain this recent year and I have been an assistant dance teacher for 2 years at my dance studio.


I got my recommendations written by my golf coach/former AP euro teacher, my physics teacher, my french teacher and my guidance counselor/former math SL teacher. All of these teachers I had known for years at the point of asking for the letters and they were the ones who knew me best, so i felt they were the best choices for recommendations.


My narrative was basically a flashback to me people watching on the bus, because that’s something I commonly do when I zone out. Then I connected that to how I wonder how society works and the biological and chemical factors that play in how a human acts or makes decisions. All of this led to me picking the major of biochemistry.


I think the odd topic of my common app essay matched very well with the school’s that accepted me. Also my school grades and the IB program showed my dedication and prowess, as described by my teachers recs. My resume also showed that I balance a lot of extracurriculars with working hard in school, so that possibly helped.


I would advise them to just research different schools, majors and jobs to figure out the basis of what they want to do. Because then it’s a lot easier to work toward goals to get into really good schools, since the focus is there. Also, while it’s easier said than done, I would give the cliche advice of not stressing. Honestly, at the end of the day if you do your best, you’ll get into the best colleges for you. And if a college doesn’t admit you, it’s quite possible they weren’t the best match for you. There are literally so many colleges out there, it’s extremely likely you’ll find the one that will guide you to be the best you can be.


I am an African American female.


Brown is known for its Ivy League status, yes, but also for its educational freedom. The open curriculum allows you to create a new major if nothing fits you and there’s a very small amount of required classes to take for your major, So you have a lot of free credits to discover subjects that might interest you and expand your mindset. All of the people I know that have graduated from brown have only good things to say about the faculty, system, campus, location and overall experience so I believe I would be happy there. It’s also only 3-4 hours away from home.


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