• Nora Sun

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Institution: Notre Dame University

Study: Major in biological sciences

High School Experience

I attended an all-girls Catholic high school so I was exposed to an environment where I did not have to compete with boys, who are often favored for leadership positions or academics. I definitely enjoyed being able to grow comfortable with my school community and devote my time to challenging myself in my studies. However, there were rigid guidelines that my peers and I had to abide by because our administration was conservative to an extent where we felt stifled sometimes.

Course choices


In high school I was very interested in science so I made it a priority to take weighted classes in that field. My school unfortunately did not offer AP for science so I had to take only honors bio, chem, and physics. I did take AP Classes for world history, us history, language, and psychology and so far managed to average a score of 4. Still waiting on my other AP scores for senior classes.


4.65 weighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1360


  • Interact Club (4 years, served as president in my last year)

  • Academic Challenge Bowl Team (3 years, served as captain in my last year)

  • National Honor Society (2 years, became Vice President in senior year)

  • School Marketing Team (3 years, served as social media chairperson in my last year)

  • Tennis (2 years)

  • Underwater Robotics Team (2 years)

  • If it counts, I was also involved in a medical internship in the summer before my senior year where I shadowed a doctor and gained certification for CPR/BLS and HIPAA.


I chose my 2-year chemistry teacher (she taught me for both my intro to chem and advanced chem classes) and my APUSH teacher to do my recs. We were considerably close because they saw me work to my potential in their classes and did not hesitate to put in a good word for me after sharing many conversations.


When it came to writing personal essays I often wrote about my wishes to return to Guam after medical training to help advance the health care system on the island. I also wrote about how my aptitude for science brought me the confidence that I needed to become a better student.


I believe that my interest in putting others first made me a strong applicant because it was reflected in both my activities and my overall goal to use my educational pursuits to improve the medically underserved community on island.


If I could give advice, it would be: Choose something that makes you happy and use it as a drive to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.


I am the first person in my immediate family who was born on American soil and will be the first to attend college in the United States. My family started off poor in the Philippines so my parents were fortunate enough to establish a better life on Guam. We are financially stable but we still have our occasional worries and struggles over expenses and navigating the entire college process.


It may sound cheesy, but I fell in love with this school when I first learned about it back in junior year. I never imagined moving to Indiana, but the school had so much to offer in terms of a holistic experience- something that I could not get if I were to choose to stay on Guam or move to the Philippines for college. ND also gave me a large scholarship that made tuition more affordable than my other college options, so I could not pass this offer. My chosen university has a reputation for helping medical students excel so it was another large factor that influenced me to enroll.

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