• Nora Sun

Tags: Stanford

Institution: Stanford University

Study: Major in human biology, minor in history

High School Experience

My high school experience was overall good! I was busy all the time (which I loved) and ended high school with a strong community inside and outside of my school.

Course choices

I was interested in stem and pursuing stem in college, so I took a lot of chem and bio! I also love history and take AP history every year.


I did AP and took euro, stats, bio, US gov, chem, ab calc, macro and micro econ, and lit. I got 5s on euro, bio, and gov and a 4 on stats.


3.94 unweighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 35


I was on a club rowing team for all of high school! I really loved it and spent most of my time outside of class doing that. I also did clinical research with a lab the summer after junior year which I also liked!


I had a really good relationship with both of the teachers who wrote my recommendation letters and I’m lucky that I also knew my counselor well and had a very strong relationship with her!



I had a fairly weak resume but I was a recruited athlete with strong grades, test scores, essays, and recommendations!


Find something that you love to spend a majority of EC time to, get a job in the summer, and don’t do things just to get into college, do things that interest you and you want to do!



I chose Stanford for the amazing academics and athletics and the experiences I had visiting campus and meeting students!


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