• Nora Sun

Tags: NYU

Institution: New York University

Study: Major in biology

High School Experience

I went to a smaller high school, so I enjoyed the aspect of being in a tighter-knit culture. I didn’t have any particular dislikes.

Course choices

I was really interested in the subjects of economics, physics, and history. I use history almost everyday in my life when I’m reading. Physics played a huge role in wanting to become an engineer and economics influenced by the decision to pursue a minor in business.


I believe I took 5 AP classes. Calc 1, US History, Lang, World, and Literature. I would’ve taken more if offered, but there weren’t as many. I took the Lang exam (scored a 3) and the US History (scored a 4).


3.93 unweighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1430; 750 reading, 680 math


  • Varsity Tennis Team (3 years and Captain)

  • Varsity Debate Team (2 years)

  • Scholastic scrimmage (2 years)

  • Model UN (1 year)

  • National Honors Society (2 years)

  • Accepted to the Lehigh University High School Scholars Program (2 years)


I was in good standing with my teachers who helped me throughout my college application process. I tried to ask teachers who taught subjects which pertained to my major (engineering). Therefore, I asked my physics teacher and another teacher I had a good relationship with (AP US History). Both were very receptive, in part because they felt I was polite in class and largely contributed to class discussions, collaborating with other classmates, etc.


I wrote about growing up with a younger sister, however, specified it about the time she ruined one of my drawings. It showed how her humor and outlook on life influenced my humor (which I added in the story).


I’d attribute it to my essays and supplements. Writing was a strength of mine and being able to incorporate certain elements in my essay that describe me (my type of humor, how I perceive the world, etc) helped it significantly.


Truly find something you enjoy doing, as it will come a lot easier for you to write about in the supplements. Try, if you can, to get a head start (unlike me) with your SAT and brainstorming ideas for your essay. Lastly, focus on certain extracurriculars that have meaning to you; don’t just join a plethora of clubs that you’ll rarely participate in.




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