• Nora Sun

Tags: MIT

Institution: MIT

Study: Major in neuroscience

High School Experience

My high school was pretty competitive so I really spent a lot of my time comparing myself to others. It took me a pretty long time to finally start to block everything else out and focus on what was best for me and the time it took to get there really took a toll on my self esteem. Participating in non-academic activities like music really helped me relax and explore my artistic side. The most important thing I learnt over the past 4 years was to not stress over every little mistake and take it as a learning opportunity and move on. Overall high school helped me discover what I liked and what I didn’t both in terms of academics and character.


AP Calculus AB: 5

AP Chemistry: 5

AP Euro: 5

AP Calculus BC: 5

AP Physics C Mechanics: 4

AP US History: 5

AP English Language: 5

AP Stats: unknown

AP Government: unknown

AP Physics C Electromagnetism: unknown

AP Computer Science A: unknown


4.33 weighted, 3.9 unweighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1550

ACT: 36

SAT Math 2: 800

SAT Chem: 800


I participated in Math Team, Speech and Debate, the Tennis Team and CyberPatriot for all four years. I was VP of the math team and an officer in Speech and Debate. I also did Chemistry Tutoring, NHS, and Link Crew my junior and senior year.


My chemistry teacher and AP US History teacher wrote my letters of rec. I was really close to my chemistry teacher even outside of the classroom and we often just stayed in her classroom and talked during lunchtime. My history teacher and I weren’t as close but I developed a good relationship with them during class and continued to stay in contact after I left that class.


Overall my essays were mainly about unique experiences I had that help define my character and career ambitions. I wrote about how specific internships and programs had a unique impact on my desire to study chemistry and talked about how experiences with underprivileged communities in India and my own city helped strengthen my appreciation for learning and my desire to help out my community.


I personally think that I was really raw and open in my essay. I didn’t put much thought into trying to make the idea I was writing about sound interesting but rather just answered the questions as they were. My essays ended up revealing many layers of my personality and character that I think added a lot to my application.


I would recommend starting applications early into the summer as it really gets a weight off off your shoulders. Also don’t focus on trying to do activities that will look “attractive” on applications, rather try out activities that you find interesting and this will help build your interest in different fields.




MIT has a really amazing program for my major and I also loved the community, the campus and the many opportunities to go beyond classroom learning through research.


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