"My mentor was very helpful and guided me through the whole process. This mentorship allowed me to also further understand social psychology as I previously only had learned about the topic on a surface level."

- Anonymous, Talaria '20 

When is Talaria?

Talaria takes place throughout the four weeks of July 2021. Each Talaria mentee will spend the first week brainstorming a project, the second week conducting background research, the third week complete the project, and the final week writing the paper. Talaria mentees will video call with their mentor 1-2 times a week. The minimum time commitment is 5 hour/week.

A free & remote summer research program

Most summer research programs for high school students are extremely competitive, require elaborate former research experience, cost thousands of dollars, and require participants to live away from home for months. These programs are not practical or accessible for high school students with low income minority backgrounds. Talaria is completely free, remote, and beginner friendly.

What is Talaria?

Camp Talaria is a fully free month-long remotely mentored research program for female or nonbinary identifying high school students (rising high school freshmen to rising college freshmen). A 200 student cohort from low-income or under-resourced backgrounds is selected, and each student is paired with a professor with expertise in a region of the student's interest with whom the student will closely collaborate during the Camp. Mentors will guide mentees through the process of conducting research and writing a paper. Certificates of participation are given at the end of the program and students present their research at a conference. 

How do I apply?

The deadline to apply is May 15, 2021 at midnight EST. Click the "Apply to Talaria" button below. Please fill in the form in detail. No teacher recommendations are required, so be sure to answer the short response questions attentively so we can get a better idea of you as an applicant. The application process is not very selective, and most applicants will be admitted. We will give priority to low income and minority applicants, as well as ATHENA members. If you are submitted, you will hear from us on June 20th.

"I really loved having this experience. I am a rising senior, and I was on the fence about what major to pick because I didn't know if I wanted to pursue scientific research. This experience really affirmed that research was a good fit for me and I'm excited to be applying now!"

- Layasri Ranjith, Talaria '20 

Paper: Assessing climate change impacts: connecting increased water acidity and respiratory disease proliferation

"The pairing process worked well for me because I didn't have a particular topic in mind, and my mentor was able to guide me in her own field."

- Evangeline Liao, Talaria '20 

Paper: Repeating Decimals